Yes, but there are numerous points to consider when power washing brick. Brick is perhaps the strongest material for a home’s exterior, however safely washing it is a delicate matter. Brick is porous, similar to concrete, so there is a danger of the bricks retaining water. Luckily, the surface area is vertical, so it is less exposed to the elements than a driveway or patio. This article intends to efficiently relay the do’s as well as don’ts for power washing a brick residence.

What to Avoid

Essentially, stay clear of high pressure. washing a brick home might trigger any distressed brick to chip or break off. This can be challenging due to the fact that getting rid of the surface layer from several bricks can create the illusion of cleanliness as opposed to damages.

An additional thing to prevent when cleaning brick siding is to stay clear of acid washing or any type of acidic cleansers like ammonia. An acidic cleaner like muriatic acid, for example, can gnaw at the outer surface and the mortar.

Soft Washing Brick Houses

Given that high pressure is not safe for cleaning brick exterior siding, the advised course is utilizing a soft wash method. Soft washing leans on biodegradable cleansers that break down surface area contaminants. This is followed by a low-pressure rinse that successfully eliminates those contaminants and is risk-free for the brick. Soft washing is a specific process and also is entrusted to a completely insured professional power washing business.

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